Workshop at Road

This weekend was the annual “Road to California” show in Ontario, California.  For six months I looked forward to taking a class with Pamela Allen, after missing her last year when she had to cancel due to a family emergency.  I wasn’t disappointed.  Pam taught us how to create Cubist art with fabric, something I had wanted to try for a long time but didn’t know anyone even taught it, even Pam!

As is typical in her classes, she gave us assignments with minimal guidelines and 20-minute intervals to create our mini-pieces.  There is something totally different in the result one gets when one has a short, limited period of time to cut and paste fabric shapes onto a background backed with batting.  I came away with four different pieces and a renewed enthusiasm for working “Pamela” style.  I had taken a two-day class with her a couple of years ago, so I knew what to expect.  But I didn’t remember how much I liked working this way, quickly and without overthinking.  Here is one of my little pieces, where I started with a little piece of Cubist art on fabric and added pieces in the Cubist style.


Since I last studied with Pam, I have taken several art classes at the local college.  They became a tremendous help this weekend when I had to work fast to pull colors, textures and shapes together into a balanced composition.  Pam is a big proponent of quilters producing more “art-like” quilts; that is, dropping the borders and cropping the scenes to create more interest for the viewer.  There should always be a surprise for the viewer, and Pam is the Mistress of Surprises in her pieces.


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  1. Jayne Larson said

    love the results from the workshop and sounds like you had lots of fun too.

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