No power? No problem.

Monday we had a scheduled power outage at the house.  I decided that since there was very little for me to do without electricity, I would declare it a “dye day.”  At least I had hot hot water at my disposal.

My friend Jayne Larson recently took a shibori workshop, and her results inspired me to go back and use that technique in my dyeing.  I used the color “nickel,” one that Jayne had used, because I liked the red that migrated into the white areas.  I dyed a range of values and did some shibori and overdyeing so that I can use all the fabrics as a “collection.”  Interesting, my colors migrated into blue rather than red.  When I asked Jayne about that, she reminded me that she used a cotton/silk combination, but the secret was probably that she just dumped the whole jar of dye into the bath without doing any measuring!

Here are my results, with my two favorite pieces photographed separately.


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