Klimt drawings at the Getty

Yesterday was one of those “Why Would You Choose to Live Anywhere Else??!!!” days in Southern California.  My DH Jim, the finder of all good exhibits and TV shows, happened to find out that there is an exhibit of Gustav Klimt drawings at the Getty Center, here in L.A.

So off we went yesterday on the most perfect weather day of the year.  Not only was the sun warm, but the air was cool AND clear!  Tuna fish sandwiches on the terrace never tasted better.

The Magic of Line exhibit consists of dozens of the 4,000 existing preliminary sketches done by Klimt as preludes to his now famous paintings.  Every day he sketched in his studio, primarily drawing nudes in pencil and charcoal.  What struck some of the other visitors and me was that many of these now-framed and admired sketches were found just piled in his studio after his death, left for his cats to play with!

Because Klimt had such a good understanding of body language, he was able to capture emotions without the viewers even being able to see the subjects’ faces.  Many of the sketches are drawn from the back or with the subject’s head tilted so as to portray a chosen theme or emotion.

It’s always fun to see the artist’s preliminary work and have an understanding of what he was trying to convey.  Klimt drew quickly, yet painted slowly.

The Getty was designed so that the guests can move from the inside to the outside as they visit the various rooms.  Yesterday was one of those glorious days that afforded us a view of downtown and L.A. with UCLA just in front of it.

On a clear day you can see the Pacific Ocean in the distance; in this photo, the haze hadn’t quite cleared enough yet for us to photograph it.  However, the gardens below were well worth the view.  This museum has to be one of the most photogenic combinations of man-made building and natural view.  Every snapshot is a work of art!


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