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“Petals” at the Proverbs’ CoffeeHouse

Four of my art quilts are currently on display at a cute little coffee house run by a local Lutheran church.  The art show, entitled “Petals,” with a floral theme, is only open two weekends, which is a shame, because it is such a delightful venue.  Represented are watercolors, oil paintings, pottery, textile art and more.



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Upcoming show in Camarillo, California

In March I will be in a show called Petals at the Proverbs CoffeeHouse in Camarillo, California.  The show will run for four afternoons, March 22, 23, 29, and 30 from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm.  This will be a special show because it includes a number of media, not just art quilts.  It is open to the public and free of admission.  Please visit if you get the chance!!!



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Quilt featured in Machine Quilting Unlimited magazine!


My art quilt entitled The City 3 is featured in this month’s Machine Quilting Unlimited magazine!!!  It is featured in the article Cityscapes, and is third in my personal series of cityscapes.

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Shibori with Sue Cavanaugh

In October I hopped on a plane and went to Ohio to take Sue Cavanaugh’s shibori class at Nancy Crow’s Barn near Columbus.  Just being at the Barn is an amazing experience, complete with gourmet food and beautiful farmland surroundings.

Sue doesn’t teach much, so I had waited for two years for this class, and it was worth it!  Most of us were experienced fabric dyers and had done a certain amount of shibori already.  But what we took away from this class was inspiration; inspiration to try new ideas, to experiment, and to make time to devote to doing art and quilting.  Sue is now into installation art, and her curiosity and sense of excitement is infectious.  Now I am in the process of figuring out how to use shibori as a “drawing” medium.

I expressly went to this class to learn how Sue leaves the shibori stitching in after dyeing her fabric.  Her answer was simple, “I just leave the thread in!”  Somehow it didn’t work at home, but it did in Ohio.  Go figure.

Here is a piece using just two stitches, with the shibori threads left in:


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Guest Artist

In September of this year, I was honored to be invited to be the Guest Artist at the local Conejo Valley Quilters annual quilt show, held at California Lutheran University in Thousand Oaks, California.  Since my quilts are art quilts, not traditional in the true sense of the word, I had a blast describing how my pieces were made and what inspired them.  I decided my overall theme would be “techniques,” since each of my quilts was so different, yet connected to the rest because they were technique-driven.

I had fun reconnecting to people I hadn’t seen for as many as ten years.  It was an affirming experience, visiting with those with the same passion for quilting and explaining my detour away from traditional quilting into art quilting.  Thanks to everyone at CVQ.  You are the best!

Photo: Ready in my role as Featured Artist at the Conejo Valley Quilt Show today!

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Expo Veldhoven

This past weekend my Cosmic Gears art quilt was shown at the Expo Veldhoven quilt show in the Netherlands ( as part of the Rituals exhibit sponsored by Dinner at Eight Artists.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t in attendance, and my quilt can’t talk, but here is a quick video of our exhibit.  Pretty exciting to go international!

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The Huntington

Yesterday I visited the Huntington Library along with a group of my watercolor friends and fellow students.  We were soon separated, and just as well, because I became one with my camera, taking photos all afternoon long at my own pace (and sans smoke from the Springs Fire about 70 miles away).

The estate is huge, with a number of buildings that house the permanent exhibit as well as temporary exhibits, one of which is called When They Were Wild, and was the one I came to see, so it’s almost impossible to stay with a group.  When They Were Wild is a collection of botanicals painted in the early 20th century, mostly in watercolor.   Also, in my life drawing class we’ve been practicing drawing draped fabric, so I spent some time examining the “best collection of British art outside England,” particularly the portraits (Blue Boy is one of them) and the draping of the clothing.  How did they do that without a photo to preserve the folds???

Here is the Japanese garden, not quite as nice as the one we put in our backyard, but good enough.


I’m always looking for interesting textures and found some in the trees’ bark.




And the lines created by this hanging moss intrigued me.


And here is a rather funky photo because it’s taken in the Conservatory and shows the glass roof, my shadow, the reflection of the roof on the water’s surface, and the fish under the surface.


It was a beautiful yet hot day, but nothing that couldn’t be quenched by an ice cold jasmine tea on the banks of the Chinese garden, made better by my stop at Dick Blick on the way home to drool over art supplies.  I splurged on a tripod portable easel for the outdoors that can be tilted flat to do watercolor.  Maybe some plein air painting this summer, although I’ve never tried it before.

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