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Fabric Art at UBS


I am honored to have been invited to participate in this show in a lovely venue with five other artists whom I admire (not listed:  Diana Shore).  If you have a chance to visit, or would like to attend a nice, catered reception on the UBS Financial third floor outdoor patio, please do!


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Playing with potassium permanganate

My newest favorite book is Drawn to Stitch, by Gwen Hedley.  In it, she has a number of exercises and examples that inspired me to keep a sketchbook of my attempts at some of her techniques.  Some of the materials used in the book I had purchased but never used, such as frisket and chalk pastels.  It’s not enough that I have a studio and an office, I have to spread out in the kitchen:

Line exercise in kitchen

Here is one of the first line exercises, where I drew lines on two sheets of paper with India ink from LeeWard (1994!!!–remember that store?).  Then after cutting the sheets in strips, I wove them together.  Using a small window cut out of cardstock, I then was able to isolate interesting smaller areas in the weave for future possible stitching projects.

Line Exercise

One of the new materials for me was potassium permanganate (which I prefer to call potassium pomegranate because it’s easier, and its color is similar to the fruit).  A quick visit to eBay was enough to locate a one ounce package for sale, which I have found will dye as much fabric as I can imagine I need in that color.  PP (ah–an even easier moniker) is an oxidation agent and comes in powder form.  When dyed in boiling water, fabric has a more even color than using rusting agents such as nails and metal.  The pieces in the photo were left in the dye for 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 9 minutes.  I wonder how deep the fabric would dye if I left it even longer?

Potassium Permanganate dyed fabric

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2011 Blog Stats

Today I received an email from WordPress with my blog statistics for 2011. Sometimes you just don’t need a reality check.

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Drawing 201–Day 2

I’ve started a drawing class at Pierce College in addition to the Illustrator/Flash class I’m taking to finish my web design certificate. Drawing 201 is the gateway to illustration and the other art classes that I want to take, but I wasn’t sure I had the time to take two classes. After finding out that there are 30 slots and 70 applicants for the class, I decided to keep my space (or sell it).

Our first assignment today was to take a pencil and paper (no eraser) and in 30 minutes, draw the person next to us. This is our beginner baseline drawing, which we will not see again until December 3, when we compare it to our final drawing.

Since I’ve done some portraits in fabric and thread and read a book on how to draw faces, it wasn’t that scary. There were some not-so-bad drawings (I include mine in that category), and some pretty bad ones (people setting a low baseline perhaps???).

Here is my neighbor who shall remain nameless to protect her identity (and pride):

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Experimenting with bleach

I decided I needed a quick break from sewing, so I decided to experiment with bleach, like Malka Dubrawsky did in Quilting Arts magazine this month.  Since my dyes are in storage, I decided not to do any overdyeing this time.

I cut an 8″ x 10″ piece of 1/8″ Plexiglas into 3″ squares myself and clamped them together with small C clamps.  Some of the fabrics discharged, and some didn’t.    I’ve done a lot of discharge, using both bleach and Thiox, so this was nothing new for me. In the past, I’ve mostly discharged shibori-style, with string, rubber bands, and clamps.  So this was simply a quick way to satisfy my urge to experiment.

soaking.jpg qa_results.jpg

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Moving day…

Since my post in April, I quit my day job, my husband and I took a quickly-planned two-week trip to Italy in late May (photo link at, came home and decided to sell our condo, sold it and were completely moved by July 25. Whew! We hope to move into a house this time so that I can (still) have a studio and he can have an office. We’re only 25 miles down the freeway, so my friends are still nearby (by California standards). Here’s a photo of my studio/office (so far). It’s kind of hard scaling down to a 900 SF apartment with no garage. I have to get cracking…I have three commission quilts to make!


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Pacific International Quilt Show, Oct. 11, 2007

Last Thursday I flew from Burbank up to San Jose and back the same day to see the Pacific International Quilt Show. It’s a good show and worth flight up to see it. My favorite quilts were the exhibits, especially the futuristic display. In this one, I was pleased to see small quilts and tops displayed on canvas stretcher bars and painted canvasses.

I was taken by surprise to find out that my “To the Ladies of Gee’s Bend” quilt was on display at the show! It is part of a traveling exhibit that sprang from the juried “She Made Her Mark Too.” I had wondered where it was these days. Last time I heard, it was on display in San Pedro. Here I am with my quilt:


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